The 25th Annual Senior Career is Thursday, August 29, 2019 from 9 am until 1 pm. Located at The Ohio State University's Fawcett Center.

With us in the episode is our special guest Sharon Hamersley. Sharon is the Principle Coach for The Resume Coach and has over 20 years’ experience helping individuals of all ages make a satisfying career decision or change. She's also a longtime supporter and volunteer of Employment For Seniors as well as the facilitator of all of the workshops the career workshops that we do here at Employment For Seniors.

Resume Basics Part 1

  1. Purpose of resume in a job search:

    • Primary marketing tool – “Help Offered” ad.

    • Present unique qualifiers.

    • Demonstrate value to the next employer.

  2. Resume formats:

    1. Chronological/Combination:

      • Most common format. Utilizes elements of the old Chronological resume and expands on information.

      • Works well when seeking similar employment.

      • The disadvantage: needs to account for any gaps in work history

    2. Functional:

      • Used to present qualifications when changing career focus.

      • Presents key skills and qualifications gained throughout work history that apply to your current career goal.

      • The disadvantage is that reviewer may question what the applicant is “hiding” in work history.

  3. Length:

    1. Length is determined by the amount of information that needs to be presented. Most resumes are either 2 pages or 1 page.

      • 2 pages: present information for a professional position at a level similar to or higher than the current position.

      • 1 page: present information for a position that is a step back from the current position, e.g. retired and only seeking part-time work.

  4. Appearance:

    • Typeface: use standard typeface, nothing too “fancy” must be readable so at least 11-point. Use bold for headings and key information, use italics sparingly if at all.

    • White space: use standard margins and extra space in between each section. Don’t try to “cram” information in.

    • Graphics and borders: graphics are generally not needed unless in a creative field. Borders can enhance appearance, however, they do take up space.

    • Paper for hard copies: always have good resume-grade paper available to print out the resume to take to interviews, job fairs, and networking events. Occasionally a candidate may choose to follow up an online application with a mailed hard copy of their resume and cover letter.

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