The 25th Annual Senior Career is Thursday, August 29, 2019 from 9 am until 1 pm. Located at The Ohio State University's Fawcett Center.

With us in the episode is our special guest Sharon Hamersley. Sharon is the Principle Coach for The Resume Coach and has over 20 years’ experience helping individuals of all ages make a satisfying career decision or change. She's also a longtime supporter and volunteer of Employment For Seniors as well as the facilitator of all of the workshops the career workshops that we do here at Employment For Seniors.


Accomplishments and Skills

  1. Differentiating between job duties and accomplishments

    • Job duty = what are the activities that the job requires, e.g. answering phones, greeting clients, preparing documents.
    • Accomplishment = expected outcome of these required job activities. Also, any activity not necessarily specified in your job duties that benefit your company, clients, or co-workers.
  2. STAR Method
    • Situation/Task (Opportunity or Challenge): describe the situation as you found it and the possible challenges or opportunities arising from it.
    • Action: how did you address the opportunity or challenge? (Note: these actions validate your skill sets, e.g. problem-solving, communication, research, negotiation etc.)
    • Result: what was the result of your actions? What was different or better? What impact did the result have for the company, clients, or co-workers?
  3. Quantity/Quality outcomes
    • Quantity: easy to measure, e.g. total sales, widgets produced.
    • Quality: more difficult to measure, focus on meeting or exceeding requirements for accuracy, timeliness, completeness, or improved/enhanced work environment and performance.
  4. “But I was just doing my job…” Have you ever:
    • Done more with less?
    • Seen and solved some problem others did not see?
    • Started a new program or process?
    • Managed a team? How many?
    • Saved the company money?
    • Been recognized for outstanding performance? Why?

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